Often the most important choice we feel we’re making at the start of a day is how strong the coffee should be. I’ve found however, as important as this is, that choosing your mindset first before you do anything else helps set your day up to make it a successful one.

Your mindset directly affects you mood, so by considering some of the following mindsets, you may find they not only shift your perspective, but also your energy and state.

A mindset of curiosity

If you are curious, you will find that you cannot judge because you are focused on finding out what is going on in their world, how they are constructing their reality and how can you meet them for win-win results.

A mindset of service

Gail Kelly talks about living by the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which means “I am, because you are.”

If we choose a mindset of service, it stops us being consumed about ourselves and we start to learn and appreciate more about others.

The warrior mindset

Team leaders at a recent workshop agreed this mindset helps build resilience and the attitude of ‘bring it on, I’m strong enough to handle anything that is thrown at me.’ The imagery this mindset brings is also one of great personal power and control, which can be a great anchor.

A mindset of space

This is one I’m introducing into my days, instigated by the obligatory walks I now have to do with our puppy. I soon learnt it’s very hard to make a call or check emails while walking an over exuberant jumping bean. (The good news is you don’t need a puppy to create some space – you just need a bit of discipline and consistency so that you can make it a habit.)

By consciously choosing to stop and breath at moments during the day where activities are shifting, it creates space to stop, focus on the present, and observe what you’re thinking and feeling. The STOP concept can help remind you to do this:

– Stop what you’re doing
– Take 3 deep breaths
– Observe what you’re thinking and feeling
– Proceed

It’s useful to share the concept of choosing mindsets at work and at home to help bring in more conscious control over how our days unfold.