Increase Your Influence

Gain imperative insights into how you communicate and how you can accelerate your impact.

For individuals and teams who would like to learn the art of communication mastery, create communication that inspires and be able to influence with engagement and ease. For any front line leader who needs to manage through tricky circumstances and change, for any professional who needs to create long lasting and loyal relations with their customers or clients and for any team leader who needs to get buy in and engagement from their team members.


Learn practical skills to help you positively influence anyone at any level
Increase your awareness and understanding of others
Increase the clarity of your message
Increase your confidence in challenging conversations
Increase the trust and transparency within your team
Inspire transformation through motivating and intentional language
Sell your ideas, products or services with your client or customer being front of mind


Shape Your Mindset

Benefit from mindsets of accountability, ownership and enterprise to help navigate the challenging conditions that leaders and teams can face in the current workplace climate.

For individuals and teams who would like to feel empowered and in control of their circumstances at all times. For leaders who want to create a solution focused and empowered team and unit. Practical tools to be able to create the culture you would like at work.


Explore the different mindsets and their influence within a team or company
Learn how to change your filters so that you’re operating from the most effective mindset
Increase accountability, ownership, and responsibility within yourself and others
Enhance the resilience factor that helps you adapt and align to changing circumstances
Use the power of choice to create the reality you want
Develop your entrepreunerial thinking and operate from a proactive and solution focused mindset


Presentation Skills Workshop

Do you or your team want to learn how to captivate when you present and to ensure your message has endurance with your audience?

When delivering any kind of message, be it a presentation, meeting or training, it’s critical to deliver it with the most impact given the constraints on your audience’s attention and time.

Deborah’s CAPTIVATE Presentation Skills workshop will teach you techniques to maximise the time you have in order to deliver your message so that it not only engages but also sticks and inspires action, while having you enjoy your delivery and remain in control of the experience.




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