INSTINCT – An Attitudinal & Behavioural Health, Safety and Wellbeing Program

INSTINCT is a program with a health, safety and wellbeing focus at its core, and is ideal for teams and units who want to gain safety interdependence on site. Warning – INSTINCT is NOT your usual safety course! Safety tends to end up as a by-product of what becomes an open, trusting, transparent culture of real camaraderie and high morale. The program will have you and your team thinking differently about safety.

Learn how to make personal and team health, safety and wellbeing instinctive, so that everyone remains safety conscious at the forefront of their minds, even when the boss isn’t around.


Educate your site to know what to look out for, how to be mindful and how to support each other to avoid harm
Create a positive communication flow throughout all site members to allow for observations and feedback without defensiveness and judgement
Increase trust and transparency on site, and proactive two way communication to ensure safety becomes and remains intrinsic to the site as a team
Gain insights into how to switch on when it is needed, how to identify what habits help or hinder safety and where your mind should be to keep health, safety and wellbeing ingrained

The Ambassador program extension to INSTINCT allows you to run the program as a Train the Trainer option in-house, giving your front line leaders and supervisors the tools and material to run their own mini sessions with their team in a flexible and informal manner, creating buy in and ownership to the program while increasing not only the safety culture of the team, but also enhancing the open and connected culture that the team wants.

Questions to consider where INSTINCT can help:

– Would your sites benefit from an enhanced interdependent culture?
– Is safety an old message now that your front line managers are struggling to keep alive?
– Are there still risks being taken with an accident just waiting to happen?
– Is there a lack of accountability and ownership on site?
– Could your site leaders benefit from tools to help increase their influence and drive positive, sustainable behavioural safety?
– Is there room to improve overall health and wellbeing amongst the employees on site?


Click here to download the flyer INSTINCT Flyer 2017 


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