Deborah works with a variety of clients both nationally and internationally – from banking and insurance, B2B sales, recruitment, FMCG and manufacturing and environmental services. She has partnered with companies that have included Veolia, Cochlear, The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus, marcus evans, RAC Insurance, and RMBI. 

Examples of clients that Deborah partners with and the work she develops and delivers for them include:

  • Helping intact teams navigate change and disruption as a high performing team 
  • Helping merchandisers gain impact with their communication and approach in both their personal and professional lives
  • Helping account managers enhance their tender process and improve stakeholder relations
  • Helping B2B sales managers to increase their results through applying communication and influence mastery techniques
  • Helping leaders enhance their presentation skills to maximise their message
  • Helping companies improve their safety ratings on-site through attitudinal and behavioural safety 
  • Helping leaders master the communication tools to create engaged and self directed teams




Deborah is an incredible communicator who managed to captivate any audience she stood in front of. Her GLIDE program is a great tool for team bonding and has greatly benefitted the culture and effectiveness of our team. I would recommend to anyone wanting to enhance the culture and skills, particularly with communication for their team.


I would highly recommend the GLIDE program to any team. I have seen a fantastic change in my team with people being accountable for their behaviour and results, and contributing to a respectful and high performance culture.


Good coverage on communication, leadership and performance. The topics are self-explanatory and clear. Hopefully transformation will occur in our group and changes for the better in the future. Thank you Deborah.


Amazing journey with the GLIDE sessions. I believe everyone should attend this and have more insights on a personal and professional level. I have learnt lots of useful things. Some sessions were really thought provoking and tapped into areas that I have not been aware of. After each session I felt so grateful, happy and had a very positive outlook on things. It’s all possible. The key is you! Thank you Deborah.


The GLIDE program helped me to look deeper into what I do each day, how my actions influence others and how I can improve my communication with all I come in contact with.


It’s not excessive to say it has changed my life (who knows yet by how much), and I expect it will very positively impact on my work, as we start to see the results of that – you can’t put a price on that!


You facilitated the session beautifully. It’s going to be a fun ride implementing it and we’re going to love it!


I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and strongly suggest that if you have the desire to understand human behaviour on a completely new level, and want to make a real and lasting difference, than this training is for you.


The session has given me greater insight into how you can work as a team, how your communication effects the mood and results of people around you, and how you can influence others.


I would definitely recommend this course to others, if for nothing more than self discovery and behaviours, let alone what they might achieve out of this course for their own businesses perspective.


Deb, you are an excellent facilitator! I doubt I would have enjoyed this course so much if we had anyone else facilitating it. Before, I would have said you have an uncanny ability to connect with people – but now I can see you’re an excellent NLP Practitioner! And I don’t think I’ve had so much fun while learning so much before. Thanks.


Overall excellent training. If rating it on amount of time spent to how much I learnt this would have to be one of the best sessions I’ve had.


I have had the privilege to attend Deborah’s training a number of times. She has out done herself with each time. She is the best, most enthusiastic and enjoyable trainer I have trained with. Deborah’s combination of theoretical and practical learning makes her trainings both beneficial and good fun. She has a unique ability to encourage attendees to absorb deep learning and yet stay relaxed.


On numerous occasions over the last 7 years I have had the pleasure of both receiving training by Deborah directly as well as working with her on course development for delivery to my sales and production teams. I can confidently recommend her training, her natural style is focused on engagement and participation and her delivery is always energetic and motivating. Deborah developed her training style and content in an environment where “end results” and “ROI” from training were under the closest of scrutiny, every course delivered to both me and my staff resulted in tangible improvement to my business.


Deborah is a first class presenter who has great ability in engaging successfully with people of varied disciplines and cultures. Her training delivery is passionate and insightful and her training is carefully structured as a result of meticulous planning and preparation.


I’d like to say a massive thank you for your work in facilitating a greatly successful training course. I felt you truly understood our requirements and the level of all our attendees and you created the perfect course to help us solve our unique challenges. The team were engaged, energised and found the entire experience truly valuable. They are pumped up to get back into work and this was exactly what we needed. A fantastic job to you and your team. 10 out of 10 !!!


I approached Deb to help me as I was taking on a new role that included a significant step up in my remit and leadership. I wanted to understand more about myself and how I operated as a leader, and sought some coaching on how I could best overcome some of my own internal barriers to success. 

I was delighted with the 3 sessions I had with Deb. We took a step back in time to understand where some of my internal barriers were coming from, and why I was responding to them. I unblocked many of these things, and walked away energised by the sessions. 

Deb’s approach is nurturing, yet professional and direct. She has much experience at the executive level, and I walked away with my own personal action plan, and the foundations to continue to grow as a leader. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Deb, no matter what your coaching or leadership needs are, and I look forward to working with Deb again as I grow my own career.

– Zoe McBride, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager – APAC, Microsoft.


The strategies that Deborah teaches will help you turn things around and get you the results you want, be it at work, sport or home. 

I found the sessions run by Deb to be very beneficial not only for myself but for the entire team. I also had one-on-one sessions which I found to be a massive help in turning around my confidence and belief towards playing the game. 

The sessions help me take bad or unpleasant situations / feelings and turn them around quickly and easily into positive ones. On a rugby field this gave me the process to turn difficult situations into a positive one or a positive direct plan on changing it around. 

Off field the sessions have helped me in the office with handling all types of situations and people. 

Personally I found the sessions to have had a huge impact on my life both on and off the field. I believe the strategies to be a very effective way of unlocking people’s minds and tapping into their potential in a positive way.

– Scott Bradley, 1st grade player for the Warringah Rats

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