Energise leaders with our range of keynotes, masterclasses or mini-workshops designed to redefine site safety as you know it


Influence, Amplify & Promote Safety-Minded 
Thinking Across Your Organisation


Energise leaders with our range of keynotes, masterclasses or mini-workshops designed to redefine site safety as you know it

Energise leaders to be true advocates of safety

Educate them on their frontline impact

Empower them with vital tools & techniques

Encourage Safe Behaviours

Boost Emotional Intelligence

Improve Safety Performance

want every leader energised & actively committed to safety?  

Every leader has blind spots that can unknowingly compromise workplace safety. Without realising it, their behaviour often causes a hidden cascade of risk on the frontline, leading to unsafe conditions and work practices.

Our keynotes, masterclasses and mini-workshops are designed to energise leaders at ALL levels behind this cutting-edge safety approach, ignite excitement, and spark new behaviours that will sustainably reduce human error and risk.

how to start igniting change

Choose the delivery format that best suits your needs and match it with any of the safety leadership topics below. Don’t see what you’re after? Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.



Ideal for conferences or events. If you’re looking for an inspiring, high-impact overview to drive engagement and unify your audience, our 45-60 minute keynotes are the perfect choice.


These are a deeper-dive presentation on your chosen topic. Our one or two hour masterclasses are ideal for exploring new concepts, encouraging questions and igniting discussion.



Offering hands-on learning, our mini workshops run for 2-3 hours. If you’re seeking an immersive experience that encourages participation and active learning, this format is for you.

TOPIC #1: Creating Circuit Breakers

Changing the way we think and act as leaders to ignite a culture of proactive safety, innovation and growth.

Despite state of the art processes, procedures & training, people are still not only at risk at work, but are getting hurt. Leaders need to be sure that they are not unintentionally sabotaging safety initiatives and efforts through their own mindsets and behaviours.

What we’ll cover:

  • Exploring the most pressing people challenges being faced by Safety Leaders, highlighting simple tools to help create highly engaged, fiercely committed and switched on workforces
  • Navigating the pillars of the I.G.N.I.T.E. model and prove how the human factor is your competitive advantage
  • Identifying where you sit on the safety performance model that helps leaders connect safety process and productivity with people and purpose back at site

TOPIC #2: Cultivate Psychosocial Rich Environments with speed and ease

Understanding the changing nature of safety and our increasingly important role as leaders.

High risk industries now have the psychosocial risk factor to comply with, and with lack of resources, capacity, high turnover and workforces that are already stretched, this can be a minefield to navigate and to know where to start.

What we’ll cover:

  • Learn the four key Intelligences (Brain, Attention, Emotional & Collective) all leaders need a handle on to ensure they build cultures where teams thrive, speak up and are proactively invested in themselves and others
  • Understand how to get the brilliance out of everyone for optimum collaboration and engagement
  • Track where you sit on the Brain Friendly Safety Performance model

TOPIC #3: Don’t let blindspots derail your safety initiatives! Arm your leaders with the ABCs of being a KLI (Key Leader of Influence)

Discover how leaders can negatively impact safety without intending to and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Keeping safety front of mind is a recognised challenge in a world of distraction, overwhelm, burn out, constant change & firefighting.

Leaders need to be equipped to be able to:

    • Activate everyone’s safety smarts on site so that everyone has safety at the forefront of their minds
    • Bring to life the concept of ‘hands on, heart in, feet dirty’ to achieve alignment across all teams
    • Measure themselves on the SafetySTRONG Leader Scorecard to rate themselves on the 6 key areas of being a fully ‘switched on to safety’ leader.

It’s time to spark new behaviours that sustainably reduce human error and risk.


“Without fail, Deborah’s presentations are engaging, dynamic…Deborah has an outstanding ability to inspire and energise her audience.”

Melissa Sinfeld

General Manager People and Culture, The Whiddon Group

“Our people leaders were engrossed in the content that Deb delivered and were so appreciative of learning how to curate such an underestimated skill as a leader. I am certain they will reflect on what they learnt for many years to come.”

Monica Grey

Human Resources, Briggs and Stratton

“Our team thoroughly enjoyed our workshop with Deborah. They now see so much opportunity to gain better performance from their team. Highly recommend to anyone who is aiming to 2X productivity of their teams.”

Theo Kristoris

Managing Director, Leader Computers

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