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Create Safety Minded Leaders at ALL Levels

Ensure Psychosocial Wellbeing of Your Team

Create a Culture of Safety Brilliance

Create Safety Minded Leaders Across Organisation

Reduce Incidents & Lost Work Days

Build High Trust Safety Cultures

Are your Leaders Compromising health & Safety?

Every leader has blind spots that can unknowingly compromise workplace health & safety. Without realising it, their behaviour often causes a hidden cascade of risk on the frontline, leading to unsafe conditions and work practices.

Our programs don’t just address the symptoms. They target the root cause – your leaders’ mindset, emotions, and behaviours. We help transform leadership blind spots into a clear vision, igniting a culture of safety brilliance that enables you to get the best out of everyone in your organisation.


‘5 Leadership Blind Spots Creating a Cascade of Risk in your Workplace’

Discover the most common leadership mistakes undermining workplace safety and practical steps you can take to negate them.

We know that processes on their own won’t guarantee safety.

take a ‘LEADERSHIP-first’ approach

Most organisations try to tackle safety ground up. They focus on keeping front-line workers switched on and alert to danger. What they don’t realise is that the actions of their leaders are often negating these efforts and causing incidents that could have been avoided.

It’s time to take a ‘leadership-first’ approach.

Arm your leaders with the science of people performance. Enable them to understand what makes people tick and create new behaviours that sustainably reduce human error and risk.

“We have seen a measurable improvement in safety and productivity as a result of Deborah’s programs” – Justin Houghton, VEOLIA

here’s how we can help

Create a culture of safety brilliance with our suite of live and on-demand programs for leaders at ALL levels of your organisation.



Ignite change with our range of keynotes, masterclasses or mini-workshops designed to redefine site safety as you know it. Energise your leaders towards building a new proactive safety culture.



Create a culture where people are switched on, engaged and think for themselves. Build high trust where teams thrive, speak up and are proactively invested in themselves and others



Empower leaders with a toolkit to create an engaged, switched on and fiercely committed workforce. Track progress, log activities and commit to check-ins that help keep leaders fingers on the culture pulse


Founded by Neuroscience of Leadership specialist Deborah Keep, our programs use the latest research in neuro capability, positive psychology and mindful wellbeing.

We enable leaders to maximise their impact and unlock the collective intelligence and safe working practices of their people.

– Neuroscience of Safety Leadership experts
– Certified NLP Trainers
– Have helped hundreds of leaders in high-risk industries understand what makes their people tick, drive better decisions and take ownership of results.




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3. Become Safety Strong

Empower your leaders to ignite a culture of safety brilliance on your site

Employees are your most valuable asset; protect them.


“We have seen a measurable improvement in safety and productivity as a result of Deborah’s programs and will continue to use her extraordinary talent and ability through our business.”

Justin Houghton

General Manager, VEOLIA

“Deborah’s program strikes a chord with attendees. Her delivery method is flexible with a refreshing “human-centered” approach to people and how we think and make decisions individually and collectively.”

Stephanie O’Dwyer

Manager Health & Safety — Innovation, BLUESCOPE STEEL

“The psychology and mindset principles Deborah presented are the same tools used by elite athletes. Her ability to apply a sports context to leadership is a game changer that created many light bulb moments.”

Benjamin Hammond

Group Health & Safety Manager, UNITED INDUSTRIES

Ready to ignite your culture of safety brilliance?