Helping leaders understand what makes people tick, what drives decisions on site and how to shift their mindset to one of safety ownership.


Engage leaders at all levels to create strong teams that go the extra mile in safety and performance

SafetySTRONG© Leaders

Helping leaders understand what makes people tick, what drives decisions on site and how to shift their mindset to one of safety ownership.

Create safety minded leaders at ALL levels

Sustainably reduce human error and risk

Create a culture of safety brilliance

Prevent Future Incidents

Reduce Lost Days

Increase Productivity

are your leaders a safety HAZARD?

Most organisations try to avoid incidents by keeping front-line workers switched on and alert to danger. What they don’t realise is that the actions of their leaders are often negating these efforts and causing incidents that could have been avoided.

It’s time to take a leadership-first approach. Arm your leaders with the science of people performance. Enable them to understand what makes people tick and create new behaviours that sustainably reduce human error and risk.

the world of safety has changed

The landscape of workplace safety has undergone a seismic shift; it’s no longer just about hard hats and hazard signs but now encompasses the crucial elements of psychosocial well-being.


Ensuring that the tangible aspects of your workplace are secure and hazards are mitigated.


When employees have strong interpersonal bonds and feel a sense of belonging, becoming more engaged and committed.


Where employees feel valued and supported and can express themselves without fear of judgment.

Don’t let your leaders underestimate the impact they have on site safety

who is it for?

SafetySTRONG Leaders© is built for every organisation, irrespective of nature or size, that is committed to enhancing workplace safety.

It is no longer just nice to have a knowledge of safety leadership. Leaders at EVERY level need to know how their behaviour impacts workplace risk and how to create conditions that help their people stay safe and thrive.

Your leaders are the single biggest lead indicator of how your people experience psychological and social safety, and therefore need to be equipped for their evolving roles in being accountable for cultures of safety excellence.

how the program works

SafetySTRONG Leaders© is a two-day immersion into mastering the science of people performance, helping your leaders understand what makes people tick, what drives decisions on site and how to shift their mindset to one of safety ownership.

landslide leadership


Shifting from blind spots to clear vision with the science of people performance

challenging culture

Shifting from a culture of ‘blah’ to one of brilliance to ensure optimum psychosocial wellbeing & engagement

cut through communication

Shifting from reactive to proactive and understanding how to maximise all leadership moments


Founded by Neuroscience of Leadership specialist Deborah Keep, our programs use the latest research in neuro capability, positive psychology and mindful wellbeing.

We enable leaders to maximise their impact and unlock the collective intelligence and safe working practices of their people.

– Neuroscience of Safety Leadership experts
– Certified NLP Trainers
– Have helped hundreds of leaders in high-risk industries understand what makes their people tick, drive better decisions and take ownership of results.


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“Your employees are your most valuable asset; protect them.”


“We have seen this safety culture program develop and mature as we build a new safety mindset within our people. It is without reservation that I endorse Deborah Keep and her Safety Culture & Leadership program.”

Gary Tobin

NSW General Manager - SHEQ, Jamestrong Packaging

We have witnessed an uplift in the performance of our team leader community. Deborah has truly partnered with us in our vision to develop our leaders and genuinely cares about the success of all those she works with.”

Jo Bornmann

Human Resources Business Partner, RAC

“The content kept the participants engaged and involved, the attitude change from the morning of day one to the end of day two was really refreshing “they got it”. Thanks again Deb.”

Dave S.

Team Leader, BLUESCOPE

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