Looking For an Engaging & Informative Safety Culture Speaker at Your Next Event?

Deborah Keep is a Human-Centered Safety Culture specialist, who has seen first-hand the impact that serious injury or even tragedy has had on colleagues.

Through a melting pot of mindset training, neuro techniques and behavioural studies, she provides ground-breaking safety culture and leadership programs that create new beliefs and behaviours across worksites, sustainably reducing human error and risk.

She has worked with a variety of industry leading clients across industries such as manufacturing, environmental services, aviation, aged care, technology and sales.

Deborah on Stage

Deborah is a regular speaker at a variety of industry events around Australia and New Zealand. She shares her safety message in a manner described as “inspiring”, “energising” and “dynamic”.

Deborah ensures attendees are engaged from beginning to end through being FUN & INTERACTIVE – the best learning happens when you’re laughing, talking or crying!

She creates an ENVIRONMENT where you’ll learn the gold from each other as well as from the stage, GIVES GOODIES to take away to keep the learning front of mind and includes GUEST APPEARANCES from a rubber chicken, if you’re lucky.

Attendees leave feeling empowered, reinvigorated and confident to influence their safety culture and results.

Deborah has presented at:

Why book Deborah for your event

Presentations customised to suit your audience
Content can be tailored to suit any industry
Highly interactive and engaging sessions
Inspires people to take positive action
Arms people with at least 3 key takeaways
Includes briefing meeting before event to understand objectives and get to know your attendees

Choice of Keynote

Deborah works with clients to understand needs and objectives, providing tailored keynotes for your event.
Examples of keynotes she has presented include:
Bringing the HUMAN into Every Site
5 critical factors that will help you create a human centred safety culture where not only everyone thrives, but they thrive safely

Discover the latest in neuroscience research and wellbeing to help keep your crews mentally, emotionally and physically safe and well

Multiply Your Safety Smarts
How you can adapt your leadership style to double the intelligence you get out of your crews

Maximise the discretionary effort that you can inspire out of your teams – you can’t put a price on that

What are They all Smoking Here?

Create the Ultimate Team Utopia where your team demonstrates that intangible special cultural glue

It’s second nature for these teams to have each other’s backs 24/7.


Without fail, Deborah’s presentations are engaging and dynamic.

Deborah has an outstanding ability to inspire and energise her audience.

Melissa Sinfield

Learning & Development Manager



Deborah is a natural presenter who is able to quickly engage her audience.

Her relaxed approach allows her to communicate key information in a helpful manner, winning over stakeholders from various backgrounds.

Daniel Fernandes

Sydney Build Expo 2018


The way Deborah showed how to apply behavioural & neuroscience principles was incredibly refreshing and original. Her ability to apply a sports context to H&S is a game changer that created many light bulb moments for people in the room.

Benjamin Hammond

Group Health & Safety Manager


To enquire about booking Deborah for your event,
Call her on 0420 204 982 or fill out the form below.