“What do you want in life, and how can I help you get there?” is a question that is asked by managers of their new employees when they start their jobs at Lululemon. An article published in The Collective discusses the benefits of having a visions and goals training program that allow employees to declare their goals, whether or not they are work related.

Imagine how it could help you, either as a manager or as an employee, if the boundaries of what you want to achieve at work and in life were allowed to blur?

  • Someone wants to set up a side business? Watch their entrepreneurial skills increase – vital for the growing demand for enterprise thinking.
  • Someone has an artistic goal? Watch their creativity lift and influence innovative thinking. Kerren Clement, one of the recent Nitro Athletics Bolt All-Stars team members, is not just a 400 metre hurdle Olympian, but also an actor and photographer, something he claims helps him do his job better and keeps him fresh.
  • Someone wants to complete a triathlon? Watch the ripple effect of their enhanced health and fitness across the team.

Why not experiment and add a line within your performance or talent management reviews on not only what the employee is working on outside of work, but also how the company can support it. Imagine the boost in motivation, connection and loyalty, not to mention enjoyment in seeing some of those goals being hit.

(You can read the Lululemon article here)