“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” Robin Sharma




If you look back at your day or week, how much of it is lived inside of your head? How many thoughts are dominating your mind that are not actually serving you?

It can be very challenging to feel balanced during our constantly changing and demanding days, let alone focused and calm.

We can often get home and feel exhausted without actually having exerted ourselves that much. We may also not even be achieving what we want, yet feel that we never stop.

Mindfulness techniques can help us steady our mind and our thoughts, and helps us train our attention back to where it will help us the most.

Managing and regulating our minds is a powerful habit that can help with not only your thoughts, but also how you project yourself to others. Your communication becomes more measured and purposeful, your focus becomes more deliberate and your outcomes more defined.

Do one of these things today and notice how you feel:

-Check in on yourself regularly and confirm whether or not your focus is where you want it to be
-Take some deep breaths and notice how it calms your mind
-Jot down your thoughts and recognise any patterns that emerge

If you’re in a team, do some of these exercises together. Start the day or each meeting with a one minute breathing exercise and notice how alert and energised it can make you feel.

We can believe or even become our thoughts, so why not make them work for us, instead of against us?