How To Create Culture Magic

STEP TWO OF ACCOUNTABLE CULTURES Do you have a safety culture where safe thinking, safe being and safe doing ALL exist? The second step to creating accountable cultures is harnessing the internal power across a team - my video below gives tips on how teams can be...

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Creating Collective Responsibility

STEP ONE OF ACCOUNTABLE CULTURES There are some essential elements required to create and maintain a safety culture where safe thinking, safe being and safe doing all exist.  CHANGE STARTS WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE A CHOICE Once people know where their choices...

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Your most important daily choice

Often the most important choice we feel we’re making at the start of a day is how strong the coffee should be. I’ve found however, as important as this is, that choosing your mindset first before you do anything else helps set your day up to make it a...

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Getting back to the basics

  With 2017 drawing to a close, the opportunity of spending quality time with family and friends over the festive break is now within close reach. The articles that have been making the online rounds recently reference Google’s study on psychological safety being...

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